” patience proposal “

The proposed artwork, entitled “Patience” seeks to address the issue of gun reform through an interactive and thought-provoking installation. The piece would consist of eleven enlarged (approximately 6 feet) replicas of army men toys, each standing one foot apart. The sculptures would have their guns removed and be covered in a skin of children’s drawings, creating a playful camouflage of color that invites investigation. The sculptures would be presented with their arms open and available to hold other objects in place of the removed firearms.

The base of each sculpture would feature a QR code next to the name of the state that enforces a waiting period before purchasing a firearm. The code would direct the viewer to a website that provides information and resources for taking action on gun reform, such as links to organizations, petitions, and buyback efforts.

The intention of this artwork is to spark conversation and facilitate action on the current state of gun reform. The number of sculptures would reflect the number of states that currently enforce a waiting period for firearm purchases and may be subject to change based on updates to these laws.

The sculptures would be constructed using a fiberglass exterior, papier-mâché, and a polyurethane seal. The frames of the sculptures would be secured to the ground through stakes, providing structural integrity.

The artwork aims to explore the dichotomy between the totem-like quality of children’s toys and the disconnection from the principles of love and peace that a reasonable society would expect. As a proposal, this artwork would require the necessary funding and resources to be brought to fruition. “

Here is a photo of the proof of concept being built, awaiting the fiberglass. It is built with a wood and metal rig wrapped in chickenwire and spray foamed, then carved, covered with a caulk sealer, painted and sanded. The final sculptures will be constructed using a fiberglass exterior, papier-mâché, and a polyurethane seal.
In order to ensure the structural integrity of the sculptures, a test of the fiberglass material was conducted through the harsh winters of VT. A small, simplified version of the sculpture was created and left outside at a farm in VT throughout the winter to assess its durability in harsh weather conditions. The results of this test will be used to inform the construction of the final sculptures.
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