” patience “

Eleven enlarged (approximately 6 feet) army men toy replications with their guns removed, stand one foot apart. They are covered in a skin of children’s drawings. That camouflage of color evokes a playfulness beckoning to be investigated. The sculptures stand with their arms open and available for other objects to be placed in the vacancy of the firearms. 

On each base is a QR code next to the name of the state that requires a waiting period before purchasing a firearm. The code sends the observer to a splash page with links to different levels of action they can take, such as organizations, petitions, and buy back efforts.

The work should evoke a conversation and enable action; addressing the state of gun reform that is currently enforced. 

The number of sculptures is determined by the states with a wait time to purchase a firearm. If the number of sculptures should grow or drop prior to or during the installation, then the number of sculptures should mirror the number of states with active wait times. 

The material of the sculptures are a fiberglass exterior,  papier-mâché, and then coated in a polyurethane seal. The frames are a base secured threw stakes with a simple skeleton for integrity.

The work expresses the totem quality of our children’s toys and the disconnect from the practice of love and peace a reasonable society would consider.