Johnerick Lawson is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Virginia, with a diverse background in the arts including Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco. He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a degree in Design and Technology, and has since participated in numerous art shows and co-founded the Brooklyn-based collective, WAMP. In San Francisco, Johnerick published “The Madhappys”, a monthly all-free comics newspaper, for 16 months. In 2012, he held a solo painting show at Galerie Les Singuliers in Paris.

Johnerick’s unique style combines cartoon, math, and psychedelic elements to interpret the reality he sees, and he has experience in painting, sculpture, publication, and animation. He has created animated music videos and worked in advertising as an animator for 4 years. Currently, Johnerick is working as Creative Director for Flower First, an artist-run cultivation farm in Vermont. He is also a member of the All In Creative Collective, an artist collective showcasing and celebrating working artists.



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