so far it seems that the idea that we chose things is up for debate, free will starts to fail the more we(people smarter then me) observe how the neurological function works. Ill tell you this i still feel bad if i don’t do anything and feel responsible for the lack of production. Now lets just say for a sec that i just attach the learned emotional response to the actions that govern my engagement with the external world, and that really the perspective i have is just a sequence of patterns creating a feedback loop that births context do to past stimuli stored away in a collection of micro neural explosions to promote behavior that will insure my survival.


memory is subjective, it is actually all we have sense we are reacting to the things in our environment after they have already happened. With small factors like the chemicals make up of our body/mind how these small structures communicate, interact and function within the cellular chaos that keeps us from flying apart is far beyond my understanding.

so i make stuff, I see others making stuff, i can see the perspective that it is irrelevant because of the fact we all die and everything is lost in the displacement of energy. But i still make stuff.  I participate in this new digital evolution of the human experience as much as i can while trying to avoid pitfalls in the physical world i live in.



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